13 Tips to improve your website

Do you want to improve your website and do not know where to start? There are hundreds of things you could be doing. If you do not know where to start here are 13 tips to improve your page: 1. Make the navigation easy - Reduce thenumber of options Got thirteen elements in the navigation bar? A cleaner navigation makes things easier to find. Whenthings are easier to find, itcreates a better experience for visitors. 2. Having a call to action oneach page Do not make your visitors think. Put a button, a hyperlink or something on every page that leads to action, which ultimate is what you want them to do. 3. Put your phone number on the home page It seems obvious, right? However, many do not do this. Oftenthe pone isburied in a contact page ... Big mistake! Many visitors go to your web site only to find your phone number, so it's important to keep it in your home page. The upper right corner is the best place. 4. Add the opening times Can I call you at 6 in the morning? This question and others are in the heads of your customers more than you think. 5. Add a page about yourself or your business Who are you? Do you work with a big team? When a business person - or a customer - select a company to do business, they often want to know with whom they are working. Adding photos from your computer with real biographies is a plus. In short: it shows you're a true human being. 6. Use big, bold images This seems to be a trend in web design, but it is because larger images speak for them selves. Capture y our visitors with beautiful images. 7. Make your website look good on mobile It's hard to navigate a site that is not optimized for a small screen. One of the facilities available today is the responsive design. 8. Branding Did you just updated your logo or you changed the colors of your company? Make sure your site is up to date as much as possible. 9. Cut the distractions (music and splashpages) The music on a web is an error, rather than help can annoyed the user because he has to look into how to turn it off and frustrate him so he would probably abandon your web site. 10. Put links to your social networks Start with a Facebook page or Twitter account and focus on the control of one of them, then jump to the next one. 11. Put your customers to work – get testimonials Your current customers are a great asset to your company because that may give case studies of real world - and evidence - as to how your company has helped save time, save money, etc. ... Ask your best customers for testimonials. 12. Be clear about the main goal of your website Why have a website? What do you want your web site to do for your business? When you answer this add or remove pages and consider restructuring your website if necessary. 13. Hire a professional All points above lead me to the lasttip; Hire a professional. You can get the Project done yourself, but if you want to level up let a professional help you and give you advice. We hope this have been helpful. Anything that you need we will be at your disposal.