I am in love with our new website and think that it looks amazing!

Amy McCabeEditor-in-Chief


After spending 10 years rooted in Ocean Magazine, Editor-in-Chief, Amy McCabe says goodbye to the magazine she built from the ground up to start a new fashion publication, Modeliste Magazine.

Modeliste Magazine is an oasis of inspiration dedicated to documenting style, fashion, travel and art through an insightful network of contributors, leading industry experts and visionaries. 

An authentic source for emerging fashion and beauty trends, Modeliste captures style and inspiration through an expert editorial lens from around the world. 

Designed to be an integrated multi media outlet, Modeliste transcends style through a print and digital magazine, online website:, state-of-the-art video networks and how-to video tutorial, award winning photography and functional and simplistic purchasing platforms.


Goal: The challenge was to create the same look and feel of a high fashion magazine while allowing the user to easily navigate various articles and sections while making it look equally as beautiful when seen from any device.

Web Design: The foundation of the design was constructed based on the pages of a high fashion magazine. We wanted to honor the industry with stark, white backgrounds, serif typefaces, and high fashion editorial images.

Logo: After  through various typefaces, varying in stroke weights, curves, we successfully designed a logo that emulates the cover of a high fashion magazine.

Magazine Design: Each month the content was delivered to our designer, where she would design the grid layout.

June 2015: Cover Model: Ariel Beesley. Beginning with June’s issue, the challenge was figuring out how to display all of this content in a beautiful and engaging way.

July 2015: Cover Model: Kaitlynn Carter

August 2015: Cover Model: Ava Sambora



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