Improve Your Web Positioning by Improving Your Web Content

By improving the quality of your website’s content, you will also improve your website’s positioning.  Google desires active websites, regularly updated with fresh, unique and engaging content.  The larger  your website is, the more updates necessary. Here are 10 tips to assist you in keeping your website up to date with fresh and relevant content: Relate to your audience -  Align the content of your website to the tastes and preferences of your customers.   Use content and design that draws in viewers whose interests correspond with what your business has to offer.  Make sure that your message is clear  and attractive.  Appeal to them in a variety of ways,  intellectually through great copy,  visually through striking imagery,  creatively through clever effects or new technology. FAQs - Create a section on your webpage  for Frequently Asked Questions.  Customers will appreciate this assistance and Google will value the quality of your answers. Share your knowledge - Create guides, articles, infographics, and other tools that will help the user to better understand your message. Pictures and videos - Use them!  Adding graphics to a website is an easy way to hold the attention of your audience.   Images and videos are a helpful way to convey your message in a more entertaining way. Clear expectations - Make it obvious to your audience what they should expect when investing in your product or services.  They should not have to wonder and should never be confused!  Your advertisements should have a straightforward message, showcasing all of the benefits your business has to offer. Tip lists - List quick and useful information that easily conveys your message.  Share your knowledge and get it out on the Web to increase exposure. Headline recent news -  Highlight current events developing within the company.  Frequent updates will encourage traffic to your website and keep things interesting for potential customers. Reflect seasonal changes -  Your webpage should be current with the time of year, this helps make information more relatable. Advertise your milestones and accomplishments -  Broadcast the successes of your business!  Nothing boosts a potential client’s confidence in you more than stories of your acheivements. Interaction - In addition to sharing your product and abilities with your audience, give the viewer the opportunity to communicate with you.  Make the information exchange a two-way street.  Create a conversation.  Allow the consumer to ask questions, comment, and connect with you online. We hope you have enjoyed these tips and can take advantage of the information we have provided. If you need assistance with your website or with online marketing, give us a call and let’s chat.  Always be sure to return for updates.