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Finding an effective way to market your business online can be tricky business. There is so much competition in reaching potential customers through the Internet that it is now more crucial than ever to understand the subtleties of the digital marketplace that you want to compete in. Online marketing in Orange County offers a particular set of unique challenges and benefits for small or medium businesses (SMB) competing to connect with consumers locally. Where most people identify themselves with the municipality they reside within, customers in Orange County will identify themselves with both the city they live within as well as their county. So, when considering how to position your digital presence think about which geo-targeted term might fit you better. One deciding factor when making this consideration is to gauge how far the average customer would be willing to travel for your goods / services. If they are only willing to travel 10 – 15 miles then you might want to focus on identifying your business’ Web presence with your city; if it is over 15 miles then your business would be a good candidate to affiliate it’s Web presence with OC. Another important factor to weigh is how often do customers search by the city they reside in versus the county? Google offers you a free tool to see:‎. Run a few traffic reports with Google's keyword analysis tool and get an idea of which geo-targeted term gets the most search queries.  Be sure include the services you wish to market with the regional affiliation when you do your research.
Below I’ve included two example businesses (Dentist | Marketing) with some desirable search terms to research: Example 1 – A Dentist in Dana Point: (Service + Geo-target)
  • Dentist Dana Point
  • Dentist Orange County
  • Teeth cleaning Orange County
  • Teeth cleaning Dana Point….. 
Example 2 - A Web Marketing Company in Orange County (Service + Geo Target)
  • Web Marketing Orange County
  • Online Marketing Orange County
  • Web Marketing OC
  • Online Marketing OC 
So, come up with your own list of "service + Geo-target" keywords for your business and enter it into Google's keyword tool. Google will tell you the monthly search volume for each of your terms. Once you have this information you will have a good idea of how customers tend to search for your services in your area and how to develop your Web presence to maximize your visibility in those areas.