How to Start a Blog

When starting a blog, the most beneficial way to begin is by creating your own domain through a blogging or website platform such as WordPress instead of setting up under a subdomain / directory of another site.   An example of a subdomain is: An example of a subdirectory is: By creating a website or blog on your own domain you are ensuring that your content will always be under your control.  Although big name blogging sites will try to persuade you to contribute your content to their site with lures of simplicity and notoriety, don’t be duped. On the Web, content is king and it is looked at as a valued and prized commodity. Don’t give your thoughts, talents, art or expertise away freely. Benefit from the fruits of your labor.  It may seem easier to set up your blog on a major blogging site, but it is not more advantageous. Firstly, you lose a great deal of control, ranging from format and length limitations, to censorship, privacy or even the authorship rights to the very content you create. If you already have your own website, you are in luck. You can easily add a blog section to your site.  Blogs consist of fresh and unique ideas, and once you connect one to your site and add the icons to encourage your audience to share your posts on social networks, you will get more traffic to your page.  An increase in traffic will create more hits on your site and thus improve your web positioning.  it is always important to remember that the more your content is shared, the more publicity is created for your business, so always update your information and participate in activities through social media that will enhance your web presence.