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10 symptoms of a social networking addict, are you addicted?

Posted by Christopher Long


If the fact that you have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Goggle + … doesn´t make you think that you’re addicted to social networks, then take the test and see for yourself. These 10 symptoms of a person absolutely hooked on social networks as defined by Jeff Bullas lets you know social addict status.

The 10 symptoms of a social networking addict, are you addicted?
1. – If you leave the phone forgot at home and feel lost, isolated from the world … because you can check updates from Facebook and Twitter on the go, at work, in the office.
2. – If you check your Facebook account roughly 20 times a day on average.
3. – If you do not receive a comment on the last post in less than 12 hours, you think you and your friends or followers you have left and you begin to ask yourself suicide.
4. – If you refuse to go weekend without take your laptop.
5. – If you have more social media icons on your mobile than productivity applications.
6. – If you bought an iPad or tablet and you only use it to update Facebook from a larger screen than the phone when you are away from home.
7. – if you have more friends online than in real life.
8. – If you tweet from your phone while you’re walking.
9. – If you get into Facebook even before brushing your teeth in the morning.
10. – If you check the latest updates on Facebook and Twitter right before going to sleep.
I got 5 out of 10. I’m not as hooked as I thought, are you?