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Social Media Addiction: 10 Signs you Have a Problem

Posted by bert

social media addiction


Social media has become so ingrained in our every day lives that you have to actively go out of your way to avoid it.  From Facebook to Snapchat, most people in the world use some form of social media multiple times a day.  But do they have a social media addiction?  Let’s take a look at 10 signs that you may have a social media addiction.


1. You’ve been hit in the head with your phone/tablet because you fell asleep checking social media before bed.

2. You don’t remember anyone’s birthday anymore because Facebook tells you when it’s time to celebrate.

3. You’ve never been in a fight in your life, but you have multiple Twitter beefs going at any given time.

4. You have your entire dream wedding day planned on Pinterest, despite not having a significant other.  This also applies to people who pin recipes but never cook, and pin workouts without ever having stepped foot in a gym.

5. Your Snapchat has gotten you in trouble with friends, family or coworkers (looking at you D’Angelo Russell)

6. You spend more time Tweeting, Instagraming or Facebooking about a sporting event, concert etc. than actually, I don’t know, WATCHING IT!

7. You still use Google +.

8. You use hashtags in everyday conversation (please, stop).

9. You spend way too much time trying different lighting, poses, filters, etc. trying to take that perfect selfie.

10. Any videos longer than a six second Vine clip fail to hold your attention.


Of course, just like anything in life, moderation is key.  Social media is a great tool and a fantastic way to be connected to the world.  But if you show these signs of social media addiction it may be time to put down the phone and go through a little social media detox.  We recommend going for a walk, playing some music, reading a book, going out to eat with friends, anything that gets your mind out of the social cavern.  You can always post about your adventures in the real world later!